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dimanche 7 septembre 2014, par Chris

3d for moving elements
emptiable dynamic container element that will be empty at each save
h-size height size dynamicly set by javascript
h-size-mid height size (widthout recent apps container height) dynamicly set by javascript
w-size width size dynamicly set by javascript
Java functionFunctionality
window.HTMLauncher.saveValue(variable,value) ; save a variable in the application
window.HTMLauncher.loadValue(variable) ; load a variable in the application
window.HTMLauncher.progressDialog() ; show the progress dialog
window.HTMLauncher.cancelProgressDialog() ; show the progress dialog
window.HTMLauncher.toast(value) ; show the a toast
window.HTMLauncher.recentApps() ; set the recent apps
window.HTMLauncher.developerShortcut() ; display the dialog to edit files
window.HTMLauncher.settingsShortcut() ; display the app settings screen
window.HTMLauncher.menuApp(rel) ; display the menu when long press on an app icon
window.HTMLauncher.playMusic() ; launch the last song played
window.HTMLauncher.nextMusic() ; swith to the next song
window.HTMLauncher.previousMusic() ; swith to the previous song
window.HTMLauncher.getInstalledApps(populate) ; populate the drawer
Live modifcation

To edit the launcher from your computer, be sur to be connected to your wifi network to go settings and click on "Remote modification"

Set you FTP client :

and then click "launch" on the launcher dialog,
go to the folder of HTMLauncher and now you can edit files